Home Safety Tips for Preventing Cuts

Home Safety Tips for Preventing Cuts

We all know how inquisitive children are. At that age, they don’t know the difference between things that are sharp and things that aren’t thats why every parent must check Cricut easy press review. As long as something looks interesting to them, they will try to play with it– even if it can cut them.

That’s why one of the most important duties of a parent is to make sure that the house is safe for the kids. We can’t avoid having dangerous stuff in the house, but we can make them inaccessible to kids. Here are some tips on how:

Keeping the Kitchen Safe

First up is the kitchen. The kitchen is filled with stuff that is dangerous such as knives, forks, glasses, and other kitchen tools. It’s important to keep them in places out of reach from children. Knives and other sharp utensils, for example, have to be placed inside a drawer. If you can, put a safety latch on the drawer.

Drinking glasses and glass bowls are also pretty dangerous in the hands of a kid because they are breakable. To avoid any accidents, simply keep the plates, bowls, and glasses in a high cabinet. We also recommend that you keep appliances with blades (like blenders) in these high cabinets as well.

Making Your Bathroom Safe

Another area in your home that may have a lot of dangerous things in the bathroom. There are several sharp things here such as your razor, scissors, or other grooming tools. If you can, keep all of these things inside a drawer that has a lock. If you don’t have such a drawer, then place them in a shelf or cabinet that’s high and out of reach.

Babyproofing Your Living Room

You may think that your living room is the safest place for your baby or young child to be. However, do not be complacent! There are several things there that could cut your child. For instance, some ornaments are breakable and may wound your kid. Mirrors are also dangerous if they fall.

So first of all, make sure that your mirrors are tightly attached to the walls. Second, install a shelf in your living room where you will place all your breakable ornaments. These ornaments need to be placed on the highest part of your shelf so that your child cannot reach them.

Keeping Your Garage Safe

The garage is where you keep all of your power tools and house tools. There are a lot of dangerous things here like hammers, nails, or screwdrivers. There are also a lot of appliances here that are dangerous for children like vinyl cutting machines, lawnmowers, snowblowers, and other things.

So if you can, keep your garage locked up so your child doesn’t wander inside. But if you can, make sure you have locked storage space inside the garage. Do take note though that most garages are small and won’t be able to hold an extra storage space inside. So the best thing to do is to still make sure the garage is locked up at all times.


Although we’d like to think that our home is the safest place to be, we can’t deny the fact that some items in it are actually dangerous for kids. So if you’re expecting a new baby or if your family is moving to a new home, make sure you keep it safe by following these tips.

Amanda King