How to Maintain a Clean House When You Have Kids

How to Maintain a Clean House When You Have Kids

Do you have kids at home? Living with and raising your children can be chaotic and you can Discover more at about the same.

Maintaining a clean home feels like an impossibility for most parents. Having young people at home means having to deal with scattered Legos all over the place, abandoned coffee time, messy socks, spilled food, unwanted crayon doodles on the wall, and the like. This seems to be a great dilemma for parents and guardians across the globe.

Organization and time management specialist Julie Morgenstern may have the solution to your parenting problems. She reiterated the thinking kindergarten method. It involves dividing every room into activity areas wherein everything must be stored at its point of use.

Morgenstern highly encourages parents to make a system where there is only a single place where every object belongs. This must be incorporated into a daily routine or habit.

This article gives you an overview of a systematic home cleaning for moms and dads out there who have small kids.

Here are the things you must consider to preserve the cleanliness of your home despite having children roaming around your place:

Have the correct cleaning tools on hand and stored in an ideal location

The correct cleaning materials and the storage place for these tools can make a huge difference in making home cleaning a success. Kids love to have fun and play around with things. Dirt and mess will certainly be part of a child’s adventure.

It is beneficial to invest in portable carpets and upholstery cleaners. Make use of stain removers to combat messy food stains. Having an enzymatic stain remover to fight against protein stains is very handy. If you want to eliminate strong odors and bad smells, you must have a gentle detergent.

Moreover, be resourceful enough by transforming your empty vertical spaces, wall-mounted items, hooks, baskets, soft-sided bins, and shelves to become your storage equipment.

Make decluttering a part of your routine

Decluttering at least twice a year is ideal for households with tiny kids. Parents should go through their kid’s clothes and toys every three months to check if there are items that can be removed from the household.

There will likely be objects that your child has outgrown. You can either throw it away or give it to others in need. If you are business-minded, you can even sell it for a lower price.

Know where your things go

Having a place for everything and putting everything in place is one of the principles of organizing. Guardians and parents alike must watch what comes in their front doors. A place for all your stuff permits you to use your space to indicate if you have already accumulated too many belongings.

Let’s say if your cabinet is overstuffed with undergarments and socks that you can hardly close it, then you might need to reflect on whether or not you have too much.

Putting things in order when you have young ones at home can truly be challenging for most parents. Thus, having a systematic plan on how to address this issue can make a huge impact to ease your daily living. Such eventually leads to a clean home, happy kids, and carefree parents.

Amanda King