Kindle Fire Giveaway – Feel the Burn

Kindle Fire Giveaway – Feel the Burn

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Today we are announcing our giveaway for January 2017, it’s a Kindle Fire! These little beauties are great for us readers and offer a totally new world to reading.

If you haven’t made the switch over to reading via a Kindle, then now is your chance. It’s pretty simple to enter this giveaway, simply email me in 25 words or less as to why you would switch over to reading via a Kindle Fire. The most creative and enjoyable submission will win the prize. There is only one entry per email address, so consider your words carefully.

The Kindle Fire offers you the ultimate reading experience, they have a 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB and retail for around $49.99 each. You have the massive Amazon library of books available at your finger tips.

What I like most about these is the ability to read in any light conditions. I normally take my Kindle down to the lake in my lunch breaks for a enjoyable half hour read in the shady area of the park.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions! – Amanda

Amanda King