How To Save A Dime Or Two On A Baby Shower

How To Save A Dime Or Two On A Baby Shower

I recently attended my good friend’s baby shower and to my surprise they had gone all out on making it a shower to end all showers. Having gone through four baby showers myself for my little ones, I knew the amount of time and money that went into an event such as these. So today, I wanted to give a quick guide as to how to save some money for your next baby shower while still having a great time.

Choice of Venue

Choosing the place for the baby shower is one of the most expensive mistakes you can make in the list. Baby shower venues are much like wedding venues, they can see you coming a mile away and hike the price before you arrive. Your first and best option is to check all the possible free venues around. This could be your local park or church or even have a good friend host the event too. It’s much easier and cheaper to hire a cleaner than it is to hire a venue.

Don’t Break the Bank on the Invites

This recent baby shower I attended had some amazing invites sent out with intricate details and materials attached to each card. To think about the time, effort and expense that went into these is just mind boggling. I would recommend simply using the web to send out simple e-cards to your expected guests. Many e-cards include the easy ability to RSVP to a predefined list. An added bonus to this is that you can see your expected numbers for the day much quicker.

Control Your In Masterchef

Instead of ordering an entire banquet on arrival for your guests, why not cut the budget down and simply make some of the dishes yourself. This could save you nearly half of your budget as well as give the whole day a much more personal touch.

Good At Arts & Crafts?

Nothing is more cuter than the mother to be making some personalised decorations for your baby shower. Use Google as your friend and search for some simply for nice decorations for the day. It won’t take you more than a day or two to prepare it all.

I hope these tips help you out and give you some guidance for your upcoming baby shower. Please let me know if you have more great money saving tips for the day.

Amanda King