A Step A Day Can Lift Your Well Being

A Step A Day Can Lift Your Well Being

I discovered today that my co worker is going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. My first thought was if she was ready for such a challenge. If you compare us side by side, we are around the same age and same fitness. We both don’t smoke and look after our fitness pretty well. I asked her about the altitude training part and she said work just had her swamped and she will worry about it when the time comes.

Haha, that pretty much sums her up, she is a go getter, but an inspiration too and really made me think that I need to be chasing these challenges too. I’m very active myself despite going through menopause at the moment. It does get a little difficult when the really hot flushes come on and take over your entire body.

Anyhoo, I asked her for some inspiration to get onto the same path too and she recommended buying some hiking shoes and that’s exactly what I did. The next day I bought a super comfy pair of comforted sole walking boots and it was a great inspiration to get started on my walking journeys.

I decided that if my co work can walk up K2, then I can start by at least walking to work. It will be a refreshing change anyhoo from the boring bus with the same boring people.

Next morning I was up bright and early, got ready for work, but this time ready to walk as well. The kids were shocked to see mum up so early and ready to go. I even had most of their lunches packed before they were even awake. Was out the door at 8a.m. as I figured I would need about 45 minutes to make the journey into work. It was great to be out and walking as the sun came up, it’s such a peaceful feeling.

Two weeks later, I received an email from my co worker saying she had conquered the mountain and it was amazing. So I have pencilled in next winter to head over there and do it myself. The kids are shocked, but I said if they behave they can come too.

Amanda King