How to Choose The Right Microwave

How to Choose The Right Microwave

Summer is around the corner and its that time of year people start moving into their new apartments. One of the first appliances anyone will need is a brand new microwave. But there are so many brands and models how do you know which one to buy? Today we will go over common wattages and features in order to help you decide which microwave will work best for you. 

Less than 1000 watts

Microwaves with less than 1000 watts are good for people looking for a cheap and low power consuming microwave. Microwaves in these class, usually around 800 watts, are the cheapest and easiest to maintain and power. Some apartments limit how much power an appliance can draw so this is ideal in that use case. However, one con about these microwaves is that they cook food a lot slower than their higher wattage counter parts. In addition, these microwaves usually have less features and are very basic. 

Over 1000 watts

Microwaves over 1000 watts tend to be large and have many more features than their less powerful counterparts. Microwaves in this class are usually not countertop devices but rather are permanents fixtures in kitchens such as above ovens or embedded in cabinets. These microwaves have many good new features that makes the microwave more than just used for reheating left overs. These microwaves can have build in cook settings for many different types of food such as popcorn, pizza, and even defrosting frozen meats. Another useful feature in these types of microwaves is having the option of convection cooking. Microwaves with this fattest will heat up your food evenly both inside and outside of the food. However, with all these features and large sizes comes a drawback. These microwaves, which can go over 2000 watts, are very power hungry and youll notice this in your next electricity bill. In addition, these aren’t good for apartments as some apartments have a power limit on devices in the kitchen. Check with your landlord before purchasing and installing a microwave in this class. 

If you’re still trying to decide which microwave to get,  Checkout this comprehensive guide.Hopefully this has helped you decide which microwave to buy. I personally think around 1000 watts is the sweet spot for cooking power, features, and power consumption. Brands such as Samsung, Sharp, GE, and Hamilton Beach are known for their microwaves and you should look at their offerings.

Amanda King