Kid-Friendly Indoor Painting

Kid-Friendly Indoor Painting

Children light up dull homes on a whole different level and give them new purpose and life. According to, Children are heaven-sent as driving factors for parents to keep them going despite the never-ending challenges in life and nothing could compare to a parent’s love for their child.

However, as much happiness they can bring is as much of a hassle it is to take care and watch out for them. Simple activities can be more exciting with kids around, but twice more stressful and challenging. Chores like cleaning, cooking, or even sleeping become ten times more difficult, so how many more activities on a larger scale like painting home interiors and renovating some parts of the house?

Truthfully, as much as you love your children, there will always be times when they stress you out especially when they reach an age where their curiosity and carelessness lead to minor damages in your homes and this is why it is important to make sure that the interior design and paints are kid-friendly.

To do that, you would need to look out for the following aspects:

Kid-Friendly Color Scheme

Stray away from white-colored paint for your walls. This will reveal everything you can think of from dirt to a food stain, a crayon mark, etc. It is already difficult to keep white walls clean as it is, how much more with mischievous kids running around touching and messing with all types of things.

So with that, you would need to make sure that the color scheme hides fingerprints and dirt pretty well, and the best choices would be colors on the darker side. However, if you aren’t very fond of dark colors you can also opt for moderate shades like royal blue, emerald green, etc. If your preference is for light colors like white, then go for off-white, beige, or tan.

Kid-Friendly Paint and Paint Sheen

Make sure that the paint won’t wear off as soon as you wash it, since repainting can be too much to handle for a busy parent after all.

Consider investing in high-quality paint since these will hold on longer and is much more durable compared to inexpensive ones. For doors and trims, you may use semi-gloss paint for its durability, stain, and water resistance. For walls, your smartest choice would be satin.

Another important note is that you would want to make sure that the paint you purchase have low VOC levels to avoid complications in case anyone in the family experiences respiratory problems. This makes painting home interiors safer and comfortable.

Consider Installing a Chair Rail

Installing a chair rail saves you from the hassle of having to repaint the whole wall in case a section of it gets damaged. This is a horizontal piece of molding attached to about waist height on the walls which means that in case the bottom section of the wall needs repainting, then you would only need to do so on the bottom half.

Moreover, you can even paint the bottom half a different color if you’re feeling creative!

With that, everything you need to know about indoor painting with kids at home is all covered, and all that’s left is to put it into action. Kids can be a pain at times however, nothing is too difficult with the right tools and methods.

By taking note of the safety precautions indoor painting can turn into a fun family bonding for you and your kids instead of something dangerous and off-putting, and following the suitable paint and materials can save you time and energy for damage covering and repainting, giving you more time to spend with the people who matter.

Amanda King