Five Weight Loss Tips for New Parents

Five Weight Loss Tips for New Parents

The time after the baby is born may not be the best time for weight loss. Accoridng to, Having a baby may be a good kind of stress, but stress may manifest through weight changes. Here are five realistic things to consider for new parents shedding weight.

Frequent Feeding with Proper Proportions

Breakfasts are not there for skipping. Start the day with a heavy meal rich in fiber and protein. You may opt for bread, oats, or cereals. For the on-the-go parent, there are always calorie-laden protein bars.

Calories are not a scary thing – you need the energy to burn for the day. As the day progresses, the portions of your meal become ideally smaller. Be mindful not to have late-night snacks as these have been associated with weight gain.

Meals do not always have to be boring. You can be creative with food presentation, and it is worthy to note that even the size of the plate matters. Those who eat with relatively smaller plates tend to consume lesser portions.

Take Note of What You Take In

Though there are a lot of calorie counter apps available to support you in your weight loss journey, they may not be ideal for a busy, new parent.

Try to do grocery shopping while full, so that you are not tempted to convince yourself that those sweet snacks are worth it. Include fiber in your diet to improve digestion, and drink water before meals to try to tell your stomach that you are full.

Breastfeeding is not a walk in the park for a lot of new mothers, but it has benefits for your baby’s immunity. If you are going to breastfeed, you will only want to give the best to your baby, and that means eating clean and healthy.

Exercise But Do Not Over-exert

Both diet and exercise play substantial roles in weight loss, but a regular exercise routine may seem far-fetched for new parents. Even when you are not physically active, your body is still burning calories, measured as resting metabolic rate.

Though it may be difficult to stick to an exercise routine or trips to the gym are a thing of the past, you can still shed the extra pounds by playtime with the kids. Of course, safety is always a priority.

Reap the Rewards Regularly

Regularly does not mean every day, but you can stick to a schedule when you can treat yourself to a nice meal or that crave-worthy dessert. The weight loss journey does not have to be rules and restrictions one hundred percent of the time.

Celebrate with Sleep

Learn to rest. This may be challenging as being a new parent carries with it new responsibilities one has never had before. It may be anxiety-inducing but having good sleep has underrated benefits.

Having enough rest puts you in a better mood, so you will be more motivated to go through the day’s tasks and will be less likely to stress-eat.


Losing weight while caring for a newborn can be difficult but not impossible. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips gave you ideas on how you can achieve your weight loss goals even while caring for your new baby.

Amanda King